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Switch-Mode High-Brightness LED Driver IC
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General Description:
The CN5832 is a boost high brightness white LED driver IC designed for applications where extremely low cost and small size are top priorities. The CN5832 adopts PFM operating mode, which provides excellent efficiency over a wide-range of input voltage and LED currents. The on-time and off-time are tuned to permit optimization of external component size. Low current consumption of 38uA(typical) makes CN5832 ideal for battery-powered applications.
The LED current is set by an external sense resistor, and the feedback voltage is regulated to 150mV. The PWM signal can be applied to DIM pin to adjust the LED brightness. The CN5832 does not burst the LED current, therefore no audible noise generated during LED dimming.
The CN5832 features open LED protection that prevent the LED voltage from exceeding the absolute maximum voltage ratings of the device during open LED conditions.
DIM pin can also functions as shutdown pin.
The CN5832 is available in a space-saving 6-pin SOT23 package.
Tablet Backlighting Handheld Medical Equipment
Potable TVs Handhel Data Terminals
Operating voltage range:2.7V to 6.5V
Low Operating Current: 38uA@3.7V
Suitable for Applications Powered by Battery
Regulated Feedback Voltage: 150mV±10%
Output Voltage up to 19V Typical
Open LED Protection
PWM LED Brightness Control Without Audible Noise
DIM Input also Functions as Shutdown Pin
Shutdown current: 1uA Max.
Output Power: up to 35W
Operating Temperature Range :-40°C to 85°C
Lead Free, rohs-Compliant and Halogen Free
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