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Multi-function High Brightness LED Driver IC
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General Description:
The CN5730 is a current regulation integrated circuit operating from an input voltage of 2.85V to 6V, the
constant output current can be set up to 1.5A with an external resistor. The CN5730 is ideal to be used to
drive LED. The on-chip power transistor and current sense block greatly reduce the external component count.
The chip also integrates the mode selection circuit,oscillator and state registers, which can control the
LED to operate in one of the following four modes:Off, High Brightness(HB), Low Brightness(LB) and Flashing.
The CN5730 adopts the temperature regulation instead of temperature protection function, the temperature
regulation can make the LED being turned on continuously in case of high ambient temperature or high voltage
The other features include the chip enable and button de-bounce functions.
CN5730 is available in thermally-enhanced 8-pin small outline package (SOP8).
Flashlight LED headlights
High-brightness LED driver Emergency lights and lighting
Operating Voltage Range: 2.85V to 6V
Four Operating Modes:
Off, HB, LB and Flash
Off, HB, and LB
Off, HB, and Flash
On-chip Power Transistor
Low dropout voltage: 0.4V @ 1.5A
LED pin output current up to 1.5A
Output Current Accuracy: ± 5%
Chip Temperature Regulation
Operating Temperature Range:-40 ℃ to 85 ℃
8-pin small outline package (SOP8)
Pb-free, rohs compliant and halogen free
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