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High-Voltage, Linear High-Brightness LED Driver IC
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General Description:
The CN5501 current regulator operates from a 4V to 32V input voltage range and delivers up to a total of 1A to one or
more strings of high-brightness LEDs.The output current of the CN5501 is adjusted by using an external current-sense
resistor in series with the LEDs. An enable input allows wide-range “pulsed” dimming. The CN5501 is well suited for
applications requiring high-voltage input and is able to withstand automotive load-dump events up to 32V.
LED short and open protection. An on-chip power MOSFET minimizes external components while providing ±5%
output current accuracy.Also an EQ pin is adopted for equalizing LED current among multiple CN5501 used in
parallel.Additional features include a 5V regulated output and thermal regulation, etc.
The CN5501 is available in a thermally enhanced 8-pin SOP package and 8-pin DFN package.
Lighting Systems Automotive Interior and Exterior
Navigation indicators Instrumentation illumination
Signage and Beacons
4V to 32V Operating Voltage
Adjustable LED Current up to 1A
Integrated 32V 1A MOSFET with 1.5A Current Limit(Typical)
Low Current-Sense Voltage Reduces Power Loss
Typical 5% LED Current Accuracy
High-Voltage Chip Enable Input for Dimming Interface
Current Equalizing Among Multiple CN5501 Used in Parallel
Thermal Regulation
Operating Temperature Range:-40℃ to 85℃
Available in Thermally-enhanced 8 pin SOP or 8-pin DFN package.
Pb-free,Rohs Compliant and Halogen Free
Application Note:
Quick Start of CN5501 Demo Board
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