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4.5V to 32V Input Current Mode Boost DC-DC Controller
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General Description:
The CN5120 is a current mode fixed-frequency PWM controller for both flyback and step-up DC-DC converters.
The device operates from an input supply between 4.5V and 32V and provides to drive an external N-channel
The CN5120 contains all the necessary building blocks including a bandgap reference, a 330KHz oscillator,
current-mode control circuitry, chip shutdown block, softstart block and gate driver, etc.Current mode
control provides improved transient response and simplified loop compensation. On-chip soft start reduces
the inrush current on power up. The other features include chip shutdown, over voltage protection,built-in
5V regulator and slope compensation, etc.
The CN5120 is available in 10-pin SSOP package.
TFT-LCD Bias Supplies Digital Video Cameras
XDSL Power Supplies Portable Devices
Medical Equipments    
Peak Current Mode DC-DC Boost/ Flyback Controller
4.5V to 32V Input Range
330kHz Switching Frequency
±2% Output Voltage Accuracy
Cycle-by-Cycle Peak Inductor Current Limit
On-Chip Slope Compensation
Internal Soft-start
Built-in 5V regulator
Low Shutdown Current
Operating Temperature Range:-40℃ to 85℃
Available in 10-pin SSOP package.
Applications Note:
Quick Start of CN5120 Demo Board
 Circuit Design Procedures for CN5120
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