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1A LDO Linear Regulator for Solar-Powered Systems
Product Profile
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General Description:
The CN2628 is a low-noise, linear regulator that delivers up to 1A of output current. The regulator maintain ±1% output accuracy over a wide input voltage range of 5.5V to 7V. The 520μA no-load supply current is independent of drop-out voltage.
The on-chip adaptive cell can adjust output current automatically based on the output capability of input power supply, so CN2628 is ideally suited for the solar-powered systems, or the applications that need to charge a cell phones with an input power supply whose output capability is limited.
The CN2628 adopts constant current mode for users to set the maximum output current flexibly. When the output is shorted, the output current will be limited to 10% of the constant current. Also CN2628 adopts temperature regulation instead of over-temperature protection, which will regulates the output current to limit the die temperature during high power operation or high ambient temperature.
The other features include on-chip soft-start, output over-current protection and chip enable, etc.
The CN2628 is available in a thermally enhanced 8-pin SOP package.
Chargers Powered by Solar Panel Cell phones Charger
Wireless LAN
Charger Cable with Indications
IoT Applications Applications Powered by Solar Panel
5.5V to 7V Input Voltage Range
Suitable for Solar- Powered Applications
Factory-Preset Output Voltage
Output Voltage Accuracy: ±1%
Maximum Output Current: 1A
53dB PSRR at 10kHz
Operating Supply Current at 6V: 520uA
Shutdown Supply Current: 3.3uA@VIN=6V
On-Chip Soft-Start
Stable with 1μF(Min) Output Capacitance
Constant Current Mode
Short Circuit Current: 10% of Constant Current
Overcurrent Protection
Output-to-Input Reversed Current Protection
On-Chip Temperature Regulation Instead of Over-Temperature Protection
Available in eSOP8 Package
Pb-free, rohs-Compliant and Halogen Free
Application Note:
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